Call for papers 2018

Call for Papers

The 5th Annual University of Michigan Conference on
Transportation, Economics, Energy and the Environment (TE3)
Thursday afternoon through Friday, 25-26 October 2018


Held in the heart of the nation’s automotive industry, TE3 brings leading academics together with members of the manufacturing, energy and public policy communities for high-level discussions about key issues pertaining to the future of transportation. Today’s changing landscapes of mobility-related information technology (IT) innovations, consumer interests and environmental constraints present both new challenges and new opportunities for everyone with an interest in the sector. TE3 provides a unique venue for economically well-informed conversations that will aid all parties as they travel together on the road to the transportation systems of tomorrow.

In addition to papers within the broad scope of transportation economics, energy and the environment, this year we particularly invite papers that apply economic methods to address emerging mobility systems. Limited data are available on market responses to early-stage disruptions and other newly introduced transportation options, let alone the highly networked and automated systems of the future. Nevertheless, insights can be obtained from economic analysis of those data that are available as well as from studies based on economic and other behavioral science knowledge of the consumer and business needs from which the demand for transportation services is derived. With these considerations in mind, we encourage papers that address the economic dimensions of the following topics:

  • Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), including transportation network companies (TNCs) and their impact on personal vehicle use and on traditional mobility services (taxis, mass transit).
  • Effects of connectivity and increasing degrees of vehicle automation on goods movement.
  • Vehicle ownership models (e.g., personal vs MaaS) and their impact on industry structure.
  • Batteries, grid-connected electric vehicles and the associated infrastructure issues.
  • How changing generational values, preferences and behavior might affect choices for both personal travel and goods movement.

All of these topics have important dimensions related to their business impacts as well as other social and economic concerns. Because the goal of TE3 is to relate these broader questions to the energy, GHG and other environmental impacts of the sector, papers should tie their analysis and discussion to these particular issues.

The TEconference does not publish proceedings, and therefore welcomes the presentation of working papers and articles published in or submitted to archival journals.


  • Draft papers due on May 15, 2018
  • Complete papers in PDF format are required; abstracts or slides will not be accepted.
  • Authors will be notified of the status of their paper by June 15, 2018
  • Final versions of accepted papers due on September 15, 2018
  • Provide in PDF format and if multiple authors are involved, please indicate which author will present the paper.
  • Draft presentation slides due on October 8, 2018
  • The session chairs and conference co-chairs will review presentation slides and suggest refinements as might be needed for addressing the TE3 audience.
  • Final presentation slides due on October 22, 2018

Please submit all papers and presentation materials to Kelly Chantelois <>.